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Another Pink Floyd Brick - Pictures

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Rick Wright

Roger Waters on the 'Radio KAOS' tour

David Gilmour on the 'Meltdown 2001' festival, with Dick Pary

Storm Torgensen

Syd's bust, made for 'The Division Bell' artwork and videos.

Mary Whitehouse, who has reference in 'Pigs (three different ones)'

Cover from 'The Back Catalogue'

Poster for the movie 'La Vallee' ('The Valley - Obscured by clouds')

Pink Floyd's only cover for 'Rolling Stone' Magazine

The 'Pig' on the Capitol records, promoting 'Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd'

The Battersea Power Station, photographed by day, appeared on the 'Animals' cover

Earls court, few hours before Pink Floyd performed